Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Two Days To Go

Two more days until Baby E arrives! Its been a long journey for us to this point since we were chosen by emom when she was only about 4 months pregnant and I'm ready to bring my baby home and settle in as a mom of two.  He will be delivered via c-section on Friday.  The birthplan stated that she wants us in the delivery room and to cut his cord.  That will be a new experience for us since J was an emergency c-section we were not able to be there.  I will be staying at the hospital but DH will come home so J can sleep at our house.  I'm hoping for a one night stay at the hospital, I did not sleep at all the one night we stayed with J.  I was glad they didn't have room and made us go to a hotel after that.  Everything is ready and I'm just trying to enjoy my time with J as an only child.