Our IF Journey

We spent 5 years actively TTC before moving on to adoption.  I regret much of what we did and the time and money wasted but its easy to say that now.  I didn't know at the time that it would only be failure after failure.  However, I was finally able to close the door on having biological children knowing that we tried every thing we could. 

January 2007 - Started TTC
October 2007- Talked to our doctor who agreed to order an SA done because of DH's undescended testicle and hernia at birth giving us reason to believe we may have fertility issues. 
November 2007- SA shows terrible results, less that 100,000 sperm total.
December 2007 - Repeat SA showed some improvement but still terrible numbers.
January 2008 - Urologist suggest clomid but no improvement
April 2008 - Started testing with RE
May - Dec 2008 - 3 failed IUIs with terrible post wash numbers
January 2009- IVF w/ ICSI results in blighted ovum and missed miscarriage
2009 and 2010 - On a break while using herbs and acupuncture to try to improve SA; no luck
January 2011- Another failed IUI
March 2011- Failed IVF
April 2011- October 2011- Done with treatments considering living child free
November 2011- Decide to pursue adoption

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