Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Birthmother's Day / Mother's Day

I've heard that the Saturday before Mother's Day is considered Birthmother's Day.  We haven't talked to our bmom much since our last visit.  She practically never even texts me anymore.  I'm not sure if I had offended her in some way or if she is just moving on.  But I wanted to recognize this day for her so I got her some chocolate truffles, a picture frame, a card that says "May you feel special today....because you are! Happy Mother's Day" and J painted her some crafts (ok I may have done 99% of it myself).  Then we made a card for the Grandmas.  Check it out!  I got these ideas from the internet and modified the poem a little to make it appropriate for bmom. 

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  1. How beautiful, I am sure she will love feeling appreciated. Plus it teaches J that adoption is a wonderful thing. Hooray for all of the birthmothers!