Tuesday, December 28, 2010

email updates

Testing 1 2 3.....testing? I am at work attempting to blog from my smartphone using the email it to blogger method. I guess if your reading this it worked. See I have lots of free time at work now but the computer is for official use only. If not for my smartphone I'd be completely bored.

Last night DH said how hopeful he is that we will get pg naturally this cycle. I'm not sure why b/c I'm not thinking of that as even a possibility, I'm sure we will need treatments. We have never got pg on our own in 4 years. I don't really think that having drunken sex three times in 12 hours while I'm fertile is really the solution to our problem. Although DH's numbers are usually around 14mil/ml this time of year, I just don't think its enough to make it happen naturally.

AF is due sometime this weekend and I'm very anxious for her arrival so I can plan the next cycle. I need to plan ahead what days I need off and I have no idea when that will be since I don't know when CD 1 will be. Today I am either 7 or 9 dpo. I would guess 9 but usually I start getting crampy, cranky and sleepy around 5dpo and so far I'm totally good. I've been tired but I also have a bad cold making it hard to sleep. I've not been crampy at all yet though, which is really weird and I'm worried I didn't ovulate when I'm hoping I did. I'm just so anxious to get the next cycle started and figure out which days I need off.

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