Saturday, March 8, 2014

Turbofire Inferno Plan

This past week DH and I followed the Turbofire Inferno Plan.  Its a 5 day workout and meal plan to help you cleanse your body and kick start your metabolism. "Get hot by the weekend!" is their claim.  Its the weekend and I'm not hot but I do feel a lot better.  They claim you will lose 5-10 pounds in 5 days and I know that's not realistic in terms of fat loss but is most likely what I call garbage weight, water retention and junk in your system.  So I lost 5.5lbs in 5 days and my jeans do fit better so I consider it a success.  This was the first time for me following a meal plan and this one is designed to be restrictive.  Its just under 1200 calories a day and 400-600 of those you burn doing the workouts.  It was tough, I've never liked restrictive diets but it was nice having meals planned out and the recipes were actually really good.  I had a cheat meal on Day 3 when I had to have lunch with family but I tried to keep it low cal and Day 5 I had a piece of banana pie.  So I didn't follow it perfectly. 

Here's my new plan.  We're going to try to follow the Chalean Extreme meal plan 5 days a week with freedom on the weekends to eat responsibly.  I want to do the weight training workouts as they are laid out but substitute turbofire on the cardio days.  I'm just not a fan of the Chalean Extreme cardio.  My goal is make the weight training non-negotiable and be somewhat flexible when it comes to cardio.

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