Monday, March 29, 2010

Am I Still Waiting?

I've been thinking seriously on my blog title lately. I'm not so sure I'm "waiting" for anything anymore. Sure I have my days but its not like my life is ceasing to continue until I get the desire of my heart. And some days I'm not so sure that a baby is the desire of my heart, nor should it be. Isn't Jesus suppose to be the desire of our hearts? On a message board recently someone posted about "IF points". The purpose of this little game is to remind yourself that there are positive aspects of living a child free life. Everytime something comes up that would be more difficult if you had children, infertility gets a point. So yesterday when I saw my very pregnant SIL lugging around a huge diaper bag and a kid, I thought "I'm glad I don't have all that weighing me down" so there's a point for IF. I think DH and I could live happily ever after just the two of us. We have freedom to do what we want when we want, go where we want whenever, spend our money on whatever we want. It might not be so bad living childless. So I'm not "waiting" for God to give me the child I ask for, He's giving me so much else instead and I need to focus on that. BUT that doesn't mean I wouldn't give it all up in a second to have a baby. I'm just trying to make the most of what I do have right now. Life is still pretty good and I am thankful for that.

If anyone is interested in reading my farm/homemaking blog, send me an email and I'll give you a link. I prefer to keep it separate from this one for personal reasons.


  1. I've been trying to comment on your last two posts, but they haven't been working! After 4 yrs and 7 mos of not being able to get pregnant, my husband and I have now started to list those infertility points. I feel exactly the same way as you...there are plenty of positives of being childless, but I would gladly trade them all in for a baby! I'd love to read your other blog...look for my email!

  2. I would like to read your homemaker blog. You can find my email on my profile.

  3. I guess I don't see your email address on here...You should be able to get mine thru my profile--thanks!