Monday, April 26, 2010

Another SA

I didn't want to do it this way but DH convinced me. The weather is rainy this week so I called the urologist back to schedule an appointment since DH won't be so busy working. She said we can use the lab in another town and that they do actually have a room they use for collection. When I called they said they didn't but maybe that person didn't know about these things. Plus they can do it at 7am so we can both get to work on time without making explanations for taking time off. So DH is having another semen anaylsis on Thursday morning at a general lab, not at all connected to Dr. H. I always get nervous about these things because we just never know what kind of results we'll get. But on the other hand I don't really care a whole lot anymore. Regardless of the results, it is what is. Good or bad, its not going to change anything. We might stop buying him the herbs and we won't do an IUI if its bad. If the results are good we might keep taking the herbs and try IUI. But it doesn't change the fact that God is in control and we'll have a baby when He wants us to. I do feel this SA is the right thing to do right now. Everything worked out so well and fell into place that I feel God must have had a hand it in. I fear we will get results that lead us not to do an IUI, that's not what I want but I need to keep my ears and heart open for direction. DH's counts this time of year are usually lower, so I'm expecting something like 5mil/ml, 30% motility and 1% morph. In January we had 15mil/ml, 39% motility and 0% morph. Maybe the herbs are helping. It has certainly helped to correct some of the other symptoms he had for kidney yang deficiency. Hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, praying God's will regardless of outcome.

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  1. I totally understand this ICK waiting for the SA. We didn't get that great of news this last time either. Praying that God has showered your dh with healing and restoration!