Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So much for a second opinion

It seems that my Dr. H has a monopoly around here. Not only is there not another fertility doctor for 200 miles, its nearly impossible to find a decent lab to do a semen analysis. A few years ago we had one done at the urology lab but now they moved to a new building and don't have a lab onsite. They send all of their patients for semen analysis to Dr. H's lab. It seems everyone in the whole stupid city sends them to Dr. H and its not even that small of a city! So I called the next closest major hospital. They use the same urology clinic, their urologist travels a couple days a week. They do actually do semen analysis on site but there is no collection room, except the public bathroom. We can't give the sample at home and bring it in because we live over 30 minutes away. DH is not crazy about using the public bathroom to do that kind of business. So now I'm not sure what we will do but I am very frustrated with the way Dr. is always our only option and only opinion. DH wants to have another SA done, even if its with Dr. H's lab b/c he always wants to know where his numbers are. I kinda think we should just do the IUI without another SA. Its taking a chance since DH's numbers are usually down this time of year but SAs are such a hassle and its nearly impossible for DH to get away from work this time of year. I'd almost rather take the chance not knowing what DH's numbers are. Besides they are just numbers, we can't put our faith in numbers. Whether we do an IUI with 1 mil sperm (like in the past) or 10 mil (which we could have had in Jan.), its all up to God whether or not its successful. We will be much better off putting our faith in him. I just started this cycle so I have the next four weeks to really pray and seek His will in this. Right now I feel led to just go for it, but that could be me being selfish because we haven't tried anything in over a year. Its so hard to listen to God's voice when my own desires are screaming so loud. But I have always felt like God is going to give me twin girls someday, maybe IUI will be how He makes it happen. DH doesn't believe its God's plan but I feel it in my heart, some day, some how I'm going to have two little girls, twins or not.

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