Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm not good at waiting

DH had his SA yesterday. The lab lady that scheduled the appointment totally lied to me. She said that they did have a collection room and I was like, so DH won't have to use the bathroom and she said no. Well when we get there the lady said he could use their bathroom in the lab or go down the hall. Great. So we went down the hall, luckily it was a single bathroom with a lock and the halls were practically deserted at 7am. I'm amazed DH was able to provide a sample at all in such an awkward place. We are so spoiled using Dr. H's room with music, couch, dim lights, everything he needs to make it easier. So he didn't provide a good sample but it will at least give us some idea. I was determined not to get anxious waiting for results. I keep telling myself it doesn't matter, its just a number. Dr. H's office always calls within a couple hours and lets me know the results. I knew the urologist wouldn't be as fast. But I still broke down today and called. The nurse said she can't give me the results because Dr. W (the urologist) has the chart on his desk and won't get to it til sometime next week. So I ask if she can send me a copy. She says sure, but not til she gets the chart back. I was trying very hard to be nice to her but I've become a very demanding patient and wanted to scream "just go get the stupid chart, I wanna know NOW!". But I will politely wait until sometime next week because I chose to go somewhere besides Dr. H where I know I at least get good speedy results. I'm remembering now why I didn't like this urology clinic in the first place. Oh well, its good for me to wait, patience is a virtue I really need to work on.



    Praying its amazing results, even with the difficulty!


  2. I know, SO frustrating, why can't she just walk across the hall, read my file to me and then put it back, right? I've been around the IF block a few times, I know what it all means. I don't really need the doctor's opinion. Anyway, thanks for the prayers and support! We appreciate it!