Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Omaha Doctors

I heard from both the clinics in Omaha. One said we definitely need IVF so we won't be going there. The other had a very nice friendly nurse call to talk to me and she said our count and motility are great for IUI but because of our 0% morph we probably need IVF. But if we could get the morph to 4-5% we could have an excellent chance with IUI. But as much as I liked this nurse their prices are a couple hundred bucks higher than our clinic here. So while I would love to find a new doctor it looks like we may be sticking with the one we have. In about a month DH will have another SA done at the urologist this time and then when we get the results, WE will make a decision about whether or not to do IUI. If WE decide we want to do it, I'll call the clinic and say I want to do an IUI and they most likely won't even look at DH's last SA or our records, the nurses will just say sure come on in on day 3. Dr. H won't even know we're doing IUI until the day of. Besides I'm sure he'd rather have our money on a wasted IUI than not have any of our money since I'm definitely not giving him another 10 grand for IVF. And I really truly believe this is one of those doctors that care about money and success rates.

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  1. Well, I see you that you have the same opinion about fertility doctors as I do.