Monday, April 29, 2013

A Better Me, A Better Mommy

In a recent post I wrote about becoming a new version of the old me.  And if your a long term follower you'll know that I'm always trying to lose weight and get fit and I always lose motivation faster that I do weight.  When J started eating table food I realized that I had to get committed and be serious about it for real this time, as a lifestyle change not a short term weight loss goal.  I'm not sure how much I believe that obesity is genetic vs poor lifestyle choices but J's bmom is bigger and so is her sister.   There is nothing wrong with a healthy chubby baby but a chubby 6 year old is not healthy.  So whether or not he's inherited big genetics from his birthfamily, we definitely don't need to be adding poor lifestyle choices to it.  We need to be the example.  The best way to make him eat his vegetables and play active games outside is to show him that's what mommy and daddy do.  Although J does still watch more tv with daddy than I would like, we're working on that. 

I've always been the kinda girl that thinks I have to go to the gym to get a good workout.  I've tried doing stuff at home but other than a run with the dogs I've always lost motivation.  When we brought J home that was the end of my gym membership.  Even if I had the time to go to the gym, no way did I have the energy.  I had the Insanity DVDs from a friend and never used them.  So in January  my New Year's resolution was do to the first 30 days of the program.  All 6 days of the week for 4 weeks, doesn't sound so bad right?  Well it was brutal but I did it!  Then I decided to keep going and do the entire 60 day program and I'm proud to say I did it!  Lost 14 lbs and gained muscles I didn't know I had.  All the crunches and gym exercises in the world never gave me core muscles like I have now, even when I was at my lowest weight ever I didn't have these muscles.  Turns out I love doing home workouts!  Did I mention how much easier it is to chase and carry around a 9 month old when your in shape?!   Now I'm doing the Turbofire program which is way more fun than Insanity but I'm not losing weight as fast and I have a long way to go yet.  But I'm not discouraged, its a lifestyle change and not all about being skinnier.  I'm so much happier and have so much more energy and patience for J when I get a good sweat every day. 

I've also been drinking Shakeology, which is a health shake made by the creators of the Insanity and Turbofire workouts.  I didn't love the taste at first but its definitely grown on me and now I love it!  It has all the vitamins and nutrients I need and covers all my servings of fruits and veggies so everything else I eat is just a bonus.  I'm a huge fan of Beachbody products.  I generally think anything on an infomercial is a scam but Beachbody lays everything out there for you and if you follow their program and nutrition guide, you'll get the results they promise.  And there is a money back guarantee on all their products, even if you use them. 

I signed up to be a coach so I can help others and get the awesome discounts.  So if anyone is interested check out my website, or the Shakeology site

I'm giving out free Shakeology samples, so if you want one, email me your address:

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