Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is my phone working?

Still no one has called with our SA results. I've been doing good so far, I rarely even think about it but everyday I try to be home by 5:00 to check the machine in case they left a message and I can call back. I'm tempted to call again but then I think the poor nurse doesn't want me to harass her. But then I think what do I care if she's annoyed with me, I'll likely not talk to her again and never actually meet her. I'll give them til Friday afternoon. She said sometime this week so by Friday afternoon its fair for me to call again. I'm frustrated with the timing of my cycle anyway becuase if everything stays on schedule and we do IUI it would be on the last day of preschool. Graduation day for our oldest class going off to school next fall. I absolutely can't miss that day. I doubt my RE would do an IUI in the afternoon for me. I'm praying AF will show early this month moving it up a few days, something I never ask for!

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