Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Excited To Meet My New Dr.

I finally called to make an appointment with a new Dr. I did not take choosing one lightly. Its tough because you don't really know until you meet someone. So I spent days searching the internet for reviews and info on the different doctors in the area. Finally I narrowed it down to a couple. I called one clinic and talked to the receptionist, she said they were all pretty equal when it came to infertility. Seeing as how there are no other specialists I'm looking for an ob/gyn and not quite sure they will "get" our IF. I couldn't decide, do I want a young woman who might be easier to relate to or an older man who has 30 years experience. I called the older guy's clinic, he has his own clinic not part of the women's clinic like the others. I talked to one of his nurses and I was explaining some of what we've been though and my concerns about how I may have some issues that haven't been explored. And what does she say? She says that while Dr. M doesn't do IVF, he does do husband IUI. What?! I called all over asking each women's clinic and hospital trying to find out if any ob/gyns do IUI and everyone said no. Clearly the receptionist at this hospital doesn't have a clue. So I'm really excited to meet him, he sounds like he is just what I've been looking for. I was expecting to schedule a general consult and exam in a few weeks, usually as new patient most places make you wait. Even my PCP makes me a schedule a couple weeks out. But the nurse wanted to schedule me for Friday already! I wasn't ready for that so we scheduled for next Tuesday. He'll do a consult and annual exam. Oh those annual exams are so much fun, I can't wait. DH was asking what I would all have done and I was explaining how they do a pap and feel for fibroids and abnormal shaped things. DH couldn't believe they do those things. Its so fun to be a woman sometimes. I haven't been to any kind of Dr. in a year and a half so its been a while since I've had the pleasure of pelvic exam. Its been kinda nice actually! Regardless I'm excited to hear what he has to say. All his reviews online have said that he gives his patients lots of time and is a good listener. Of course they want my records sent over, which I think I will just fax myself since I have copies of everything. Would it be weird for me to fax over a letter detailing what we've been through and some things I want to discuss, like my endo symptoms? I figure he could better help me if he has some of the info on our situation ahead of time. I'm just the kind of person that could write him a 5 page letter detailing my fertility history. Would that be weird? Maybe if I just keep it to one page?

I really feel God has led me to this doctor, it seems he's just what I've been looking for. Let's hope I'm not disappointed on Tuesday.

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  1. I'm glad that you've hopfully found a new doctor. I think your letter idea is a good one. I went to a new doctor once, without her knowing of my unusual condition and she treated me as if I some how tricked her. I think that laying it all out for him saves you both a lot of time. But, yeah, I would keep it to one page.