Thursday, May 13, 2010

No IUI for us

We decided its just not worth the money for us to try an IUI right now. I'm super disappointed. I was looking forward to doing something again. My two fellow infertile friends at work are both starting treatments soon which also made me feel worse. One is going to take clomid soon b/c her sister just got pg using it. The other has been seeing a local doctor that works with this Creighton method doctor in Omaha. It seems he's pretty famous for his success. She says they work with male infertility too. I'm skeptical because I don't see how charting my cycle is going to help DH's sperm swim any better or be any smarter. But she convinced me to at least give this local doctor a call and see what she has to say. I'm willing to go for a consult although I remain unconvinced they can do anything for us. On this Omaha clinic's website they claim they have helped couples with as low as 50,000/ml sperm counts get pg naturally. That just doesn't seem possible to me but I'm willing to listen to what they have to say. DH says we've tried everything else, why not check this off the list too?

Speaking of trying everything, I have to admit another thing we haven't tried is getting completely drunk. It seems this works for a lot of people. DH was talking to someone today who had only around 10,000/ml count and they got pg on their own one weekend when they were completely trashed. Someone from work who has struggled with IF, had one IVF baby and the other two were surprises from a drunken weekend. Can that really work? Maybe its worth a try although getting drunk isn't really my thing. I usually fall asleep before DH can even get me home, much less make love to me. The last couple days DH has been trying to make me feel more positive by reminding me of all the these people we know who weren't suppose to get pg but did. Its not working to pull me out of my negative mood. I just tell him, "yeah well some day people will say we weren't suppose to get pg.....and we didn't." Some sunshine might help relieve me of this bad mood, its been rainy and cold all week.

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  1. I'm sorry things have been tough lately. (((((hug))))) Definitely give the Creighton stuff a chance, or at least look in to it. It is sooooo much cheaper and using Naprotechnology along with the Creighton charting goes to the root of the problem. Do you go on fertilityfriend dot com? There is a group of ladies on there that are all doing this and are a wealth of me shocks20 at hotmail dot com if you want more info!
    And yes, the sun definitely needs to come out!!