Thursday, June 17, 2010

Check out this website

I read about it from a fellow blogger. They have something called "Daily Double Portions" and all you have to do is enter your email address and each week day they send you a short email, usually taking a bible verse or several and relating it to the infertility struggle. I've been a long time member of Hannah's Prayer, most of my readers probably are also members. HP has awesome message boards and is probably the one site I frequent the most. But Sarah's Laughter is a little different, they really focus on scripture. I suggest everyone sign up for their daily double portions. I also recommend the book written by the website founder Beth Forbus. Its called "Baby Hunger" and of all the infertility books I read, this one really spoke to my heart. There is just something so uplifting and positive about focusing on scripture. The book left me feeling really good about God's plan for us, whether it includes children or not.

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  1. hi there. thanks for sharing! i'm checking it out right now. by the way your dog, missy, is sooooo gorgeous. we are hoping to get a dog sometime too... but i have to be patient cos' our yard is not prepared yet. sigh... more waiting! haha.