Thursday, August 5, 2010

Change is Scary

Things are changing at work. I don't remember what I've said about here but this summer I started working more regular hours at a bigger post office. And I have been loving it! Now the boss is temporarily leaving and my job is not secure. Because of the government being as complicated as it is I'm not officially hired regular there and with someone new coming in I may or may not get to stay. There is talk of someone I know will let me stay filling the job and that may open up for me to be full time between my home office and this bigger office. Or they could get someone else that doesn't want me to stay and I'll go back to just getting a few hours a week at my home office. But I really like things just the way they are and really want to stay part time at this bigger office. My new boss said he put in a really good report for me to the district boss. Who knows what will happen and I'm feeling a little distressed. I know God will work it all out for good and this could turn out to be a really good opportunity for me. I just don't know. All I know is that I really like things just the way they are and I don't want them to change. Life is good, life is stable, life is just the way I want it. So much for my smooth sailing, here comes some bumps ahead!

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