Saturday, August 14, 2010

"These Things Take Time" -Santus Real

I am a huge fan of Christian radio. I think what we surround ourselves with has a huge impact on who we are and how we live. I've always been into music as a way of soul searching and reflecting. Sometimes music speaks with words I couldn't form on my own and it brings about emotions I don't otherwise feel. Several years ago I was taking the dog for a walk and for some reason all the radio stations on my headset weren't coming in.....except for one. So I listened to it, it was better than nothing right? Well I got hooked and haven't listened to anything since. If you don't have a Christian radio station near you, I seriously suggest you go here and listen online.

Since songs speak to me in a special way I want to start sharing some with you. For the first edition of my Songs That Speak series, I had a hard time choosing just one. Finally, I settled on one called "These Things Take Time" by Santus Real. Click above to listen, I hope it speaks to you as well.


  1. Jen- I totally agree with you about Christian radio/songs speaking to you and bringing out emotions!!! I love it and listen to it all the time! One of the songs that I like a lot lately is "Healing Begins" by Tenth Avenue North. DH and I are going to see TobyMac in concert in November, we can't wait!! Hope you are doing well! :)

  2. We just saw 10th Avenue North in concert last April. It was awesome, I wasn't a fan at the time but it totally turned me into one! That is one of my favorite songs by them too. I haven't seen TobyMac live yet. In three weeks we're planning to see MercyMe at Lifelight Music Festival, along with several others. I'm super excited!