Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garden Harvest

This year I decided to start canning some of the the things from my garden. Peaches are actually one of the few things I can't grow myself. But even though I didn't grow them myself, canned fresh peaches are way better than store bought canned peaches. Its a new experiment since I've never canned before but I actually really like it. There is something rewarding about growing and storing your own food. Today my wonderful DH was kind enough to help me can peaches and make some fresh salsa. We didn't can the salsa this time but plan to next time. Its so yummy! We definitely eat healthy during the summer months. I have also already made strawberry jam, mint jelly, apple jelly and canned green beans. I planned on pickles this year but mine didn't grow well so I have to find some at a farmers market and haven't been able to so far. I love to watch my pantry fill up with the fruits of my own labor!


  1. oh i would love to can peaches too! and eat them of course haha. yum. for now i just will settle for the supermarket kind.

    by the way. just wanted you to know that i'm so admiring your decision to stop pursuing treatments and just see what is in store beyond ttc and all that madness. i know one day we may have to figure that out too and i don't know if i will accept it with as much joy as you and your husband have.

    feel like i will be dragged there kicking and screaming, yet i'm sure God will slowly prepare me for that time.

    thanks for sharing about your journey.

  2. I used to feel the same way, sometimes I marvel at how I got here. Your right, He will prepare you for where ever it is He's taking you :)

  3. All i have to say is YUM and YUM!! oh and, send some down here please??? :)

    Everyone is going canning crazy with fresh jams and fruits!! Oh how I wish we had the ability down here to get fresh blackberries and raspberries so we could make jam!!

    Someone rescue this FL girl with some yummy homemade goodness!!! :)