Friday, September 24, 2010

Diet Day One

I'm always on a "diet" but never that committed to it. Occasionally I will be committed for a couple weeks then we'll have several family or friend get togethers that center on food and I'll fall off the wagon. Last fall I lost 17 lbs, since then I gain 7 back. The good news is I'm still down ten pounds, the bad news is I could be down 17. My goal for now is to lose 20 lbs by December 1st. Its a steep goal but can totally be done following the 2lbs per week rule, I have 10 weeks. Here are my 3 main motivating factors- 1. We will start an IUI cycle in December and 20 less pounds could help 2. There is possibly a vacation somewhere fun happening in December and 3. We have a good friend's wedding to go to in December. Now motivation is always what gets me but this is a good time of year because with harvest being DH's busy season he rarely eats at home and we rarely go out. Meaning I'm pretty much on my own for meals and I don't have to cook much, making dieting much easier. I'm a huge fan of SparkPeople so I'll be going back to that for record keeping. If anyone has any other resources or helpful support or motivation ideas please share. Lets hope I can stick with it this time!


  1. Good luck with the weight loss.

    Can I suggest getting a weight loss ticker for your blog, I find it helps me to see my successes!!

    Hapy ICLW

  2. Good luck with your goal! Those are some good motivaters--especially the vacation to somewhere fun.

    Best wishes with your next IUI.


  3. I wish I had some advice but I am the WORST at dieting, I never stick to it more than a few days...i wish you much better luck!

  4. Hello! I started a "serious" diet in July and have steadily lost 1lb a week since. I'd tried so many other things before to lose weight but nothing worked. Finally I started counting calories and keeping a food journal online. I resisted doing it for so long because I didn't actually believe it would work, but surprise surprise - it did! :) I'm 5lbs away from a normal BMI, yay!
    I'd love to follow your blog and IF/diet journeys.


  5. Ive been doing a combo-mix of sorts of the Weight Watchers program and the Special K diet since Sept 1st. I always want to see results sooner, but it definitely has been working! We can cheer each other on!