Friday, September 17, 2010

A Double Shot of Songs That Speak

I'm sure I must be breaking some kind of blogger rule by posting twice on the same day but this is another song recommended by a friend and fellow blogger. She was right, I do like this song -but I'm pretty easy to make happy when it comes to music :)

At the risk of getting political let me share what this song says to me. At my house we're big fans of Glenn Beck and if you don't know he recently had a rally in Washington D.C. called Restoring Honor. He has really changed direction for his Fox News show the past year and its becoming less political and more about America finding God again and having a revival or Great Awakening. It seems to be happening too, all across the country people are uniting on Christian principles. There's no need to say America has problems, things don't look good for future generations at this point. At the rally Glenn Beck issued a 40 Day/40 Night Challenge. Check it out here. He's basically asking American's to pledge to practice faith, hope and charity AND get on their actual knees and pray at least once a day. Not praying in your car, not as your head hits the pillow but actually bow down on your knees and pray before your heavenly Father. Yes, Glenn Beck is a topic of great controversay but how can you argue with what he's asking? How can anything but good come of that? So as part of this I'm trying to be more honest and a better person in my own life. What's really getting to me lately is back stabbing at work. I've noticed a lot more lately about how everyone talks behind everyone else's back and it irritates. Besides that I know I'm not an exception and they probably say awful things about me too. So one thing I'm working on is to not say anything about anyone to anyone - unless I wouldn't mind saying it that person myself. And to discourage others from saying harsh words also. Its a start.

So that's what this song means to me, it means that we as individuals need to surrender all of our sins and all of our vices and be more honorable individuals. Our country is in sorry shape right now, many American's are hurting and desperate for help, but the government is not going to save them. Only Jesus can save them (us). Many people just want thier free handout, they don't want to pay the asking price. Its starts with one, you have to fix yourself before America will thrive again. So "come undone, surrender is stronger". Commit to Christ and pledge to make a serious effort everyday to restore your relationship with God and be an honorable person. Be the change you want to see in others - didn't somone famous say that?

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