Wednesday, February 23, 2011

100th Post Giveaway!

Okay folks, here is post #100 and the promised giveaway. I'm not rich so no fancy prizes here but I will give you a choice of two very good books. The first is the infertility companion, written by two Christian doctors. It is said to be medically reliable and biblically sound. I read it a while ago but it was very good back when I had all those questions that needed answers.

The second choice is for those who already read that one or are not fertility challenged. It is called Passion For The Heart of God and is about the Great Commission. Whether that means missionaries in other countries or your neighbors right at home. Its a very good read about reaching all the peoples of the world and really opened my eyes to why God does some of the things the way He does. didn't think there wouldn't be a test did you? So the first one to email me with the correct answers to these questions will win the book of their choice, mailed to them free of charge. Hint, all questions were blogged about at some point in the last 100 posts.
1. What are the names of my two goats?
2. Who is my all time most favorite Christian band (went to their concert)?
3. Where do I work?
4. What did God use to finally get me over my negative feelings toward my SIL?
5. Is there anything that you specifically enjoy reading in my blog or has anything I've written really touched your heart?
Good luck, I'll post an update when we have a winner!

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