Sunday, February 27, 2011

Almost There

I'm so ready to have this over with. I'm not stimming as fast as they thought I would which is pushing everything back and making my work schedule a pain. I feel bad because I go to all the trouble to find someone to work and then I say oh nevermind, I don't need that day off after all. People are seriously getting annoyed with me not making up my mind. Now my ER is set for Wednesday, for real this time because I don't have to go back for any more monitoring. But now tomorrow I need to call and annoy everyone again by asking for Wednesday off. But oh well, its almost over. I do stims tonight and tomorrow morning then my trigger tomorrow night. It looks like I'm going to have about 9 mature follicles, some other small ones but they probably won't be mature. Here are my sizes for this morning: 18,17,17,16,16,15,15, 14, 13,12,8. The 13 should make it, the 12 probably not and then 8 definitely not. I was worried about the number of embryos we'd have but so far it looks like God is working it out just right, why was I worried in the first place? Of course He would take care of it!

My ET is going to be pushed into the week my sub is gone. If we do a 5 day it will be a week from tomorrow. The RE said we have to do a 3 day then so I get my two days bedrest but I think I will just pretend and go for the 5 day anyway. I seriously sit and read my book most days anyway, its hardly more work than sitting at home on my computer or the couch all day. If I can just get next monday off then tuesday I'll go back to work and just take it easy. I'll wait and see what our fert report looks like and if we have some good embryos to make it til 5 day. I'm so sick of work, if I didn't need the money to pay for all this I'd just quit. Work gets in the way of life, doesn't it? I feel like I'm not really living and enjoying life anymore, just a slave to the clock at work. No wonder there are so many unhappy people out there. I feel like all the stress of trying to work my schedule around this IVF is bad for our cycle. I'm trying to relax but its hard when I just can't plan my days off. But it is set for Wednesday now, they can't change that once I trigger.

DH may end up telling my parents what we are doing, he says they are starting to act suspicious so I said if they press him for more info when we go for ER this week to just tell them what's going on. But I really hope they just mind their own business. I've not had a lot of side effects and only some mild discomfort from the growing follies. The injections are going well too. The only major bruising I have is from that one shot that went terribly wrong. DH is practically a pro at this now! I still haven't caught that nasty cold/flu bug that's going around but I can feel that my body is stressed. Today I'm taking a nap and watching some tv. Yep, I'm going to be a bum today!

I'm so ready, Wednesday can't come fast enough!

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