Thursday, February 3, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Death is so hard to understand. I feel somewhat more peace about people deaths because I know that Jesus is waiting to take them to heaven where I'll see them again someday. But dogs are different. Dust into dust and that's it. I don't believe in animal heaven since animals don't have souls in the spiritual sense. But God did definitely create animals with amazing abilities and personalities that many people seem to lack. Dog is man's best friend for a reason. Saying goodbye to Katie and understanding why this happened is so hard. Last weekend after crying all day and praying for a miracle she actually started doing better. In fact Tuesday night we went to see her and took Missy along. She didn't look good but they said she was starting to eat and recovering slowly but right on track for her situation. But then her internal organs started to fail and last night my parents put her to sleep. We went to say goodbye this morning and we'll bury her when the ground thaws enough. It almost seems it would be easier to understand if she had been sick or ran over. But to die because she ate strange things and we can't understand why. And why did God make her better for a few days and give us hope just to have her die anyway? I'm not really trying to understand it because if there is anything infertility has taught me its that "why?" is a stupid question that hardly ever has an answer. I know some people may think well it was just a dog, get over it already. But Katie was so much a part of our family and our life for the past 8 years that it just seems like nothing we do will be the same without her.


  1. I'm so sorry...I can't imagine losing one of my furbabies.

  2. ps - you are tagged on my blog!

  3. that's massive. i'm sorry.

    we only had sammy for a few weeks when we had to consider putting him down cos' he bit a couple people... that was bad enough. we cried then cos he is actually a sweet dog. i can't imagine thinking through that now. (thankfully one expert said it could just be anxiety from re-homing and he has settled down since. plus we have a muzzle on walks just in case...)

    we watched 'marley and me' today too... so i guess this has been on my mind a lot... lots of tears of course.

    sorry you had to say good bye to your loved companion. thinking of you!

  4. I stumbled onto your blog by accident...but I want to tell you that I'm sorry about your dog.

    And I know since we've not met, this is NONE of my business....(I'm not really an animal girl), but I wonder if in Revelation 21 where it talks about a new heaven and a new earth....since the old earth was created complete with animals...i wonder why the new one wouldn't be. Just a thought. I agree that animals don't have souls, but they sure are a huge part of God's creation and I don't see scriptural reason for them not to be included in our eternal joy:)

    You probably do NOT want to be hashing escatology today, but I just thought it might give you something to hope about.

    Before I go..."Dear Father in Heaven, please continue to guide this precious couple in Your way. Help them place their hope in You alone and not specific outcomes. You are the same yesterday and today and forever, and You are worthy of our praise today! Thank You for every blessing You pour out on their lives. Amen."

    [crazy stalker blogger] is now leaving. Enjoy today:)