Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monitoring Tomorrow

Still no winner to my giveaway, maybe I made the questions too hard?

I'm on day 5 of stims today. I thought I'd be feeling a lot worse by now so I'm not really sure what to expect at my first monitoring appt. tomorrow. I'm hoping I'm ready to trigger because I'm so ready to be done with this but I just don't know what to expect. The bloating and fullness feeling definitely hit me last night. I guess that could be a good sign that I'm getting close to ready. My whole family has been really sick lately with a bad cold/cough. They think its influenza A but no one has been checked out for sure. Yesterday and today I had a touch of sore throat which is always the first sign. Please not now, I really can not afford to get sick right now. I'm drinking my tea, eating healthy, trying to get rest and acupuncture tomorrow will hopefully help. But how am I suppose to grow healthy eggs and fight off this nasty bug at the same time? I am going to the gym today, just for a half hour on the elliptical. They say that's good for your immune system and even though I'm on stims I think its okay to still use the elliptical as long as I take it easy. I did last IVF and I was fine. It might help with the bloating and fact that my pants are getting tight. And the fact that my jeans are digging into my terribly bruised belly does not make me feel good at all. I was doing so well with these shots and hardly had any bruises until two nights ago. I don't know what went wrong but it hurt much worse than normal, then left a knot followed by a huge bruise the next day. I have a couple other tiny bruises but if it weren't for that one nasty one I'd be doing pretty well. Last time I stimmed for 9 days, this time she thinks I'll be ready after 7 so I'm hoping to trigger Saturday night.

For those of you who like details, here's how its gone so far.
1.) Two weeks of BCPs starting on day 3 of my period (Feb. 1-14)
2.) Baseline appt. three days after last pill, no period yet, about 16 antral follies (Feb. 17)
3.) Two days later, start microdose diluted lupron, 5 units twice a day, period starts (Feb. 19)
4.) Start stims 2 vials Bravelle morning and night, continue lupron, 4 shots a day for two days (Feb 20-21)
5.) Change to 1 Bravelle and 1 Menopur morning and night, continue lupron, still taking 4 shots a day, period ends (Feb. 23)
6.) Day 5 of stims, starting to see side effects such as bloating and irritability
7.) First monitoring appt. day 6 of stims (Feb. 25)

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