Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thank You Gift Of Adoption Fund!

I applied for 4 grants and after three rejection letters, I finally got good news.  The Gift of Adoption Fund awarded us a grant for $3,000.  Woohoo!!!  We have to write a check for $18k when we leave the hospital and now it will only be $15k.  We have most of it saved but I've been nervous about spending every penny we have and then me not going to back to work.  It seems like a small amount when looking at the over all cost of adoption but we are so grateful for it.   Can you all do me a favor and help spread the word about the Gift of Adoption Fund?  Like them or post a comment on facebook, mention them on your blogs and encourage people to add them to their charitable contributions list.  This is the last one I expected to recieve a grant from but yay! we're so excited to have this little bit of financial help.  We will definitely pay it forward by giving back to them in the future when we can afford to do so. 

If your looking for grants our agency has some links on their resources page here, http://www.nhadoptionagency.org/grants/

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