Thursday, July 26, 2012

Almost A Whole Week Old

If this is any indication how fast he's going to grow up, I'm in trouble.  I can't believe he is going to be a week old tomorrow already.  He is so precious, I wish I could show you all pictures.  But I'm taking lots and will post when we finalize.  Bmom wants to get together next week and meet half way.  I'm happy to do that if it helps her but hopefully when she is able to go back to work she can go longer between visits. 

J was fussy for the first time late yesterday and last night.  I couldn't figure him out and felt so bad.  Its hurts to see your baby cry and not know why.  But this morning I fed him 3 oz instead of two and he was happy as could be and has been sleeping all day.  The nurses said not to feed him more than two until his first doctor visit but he's a growing little boy and if he says he needs more to eat then his momma is gonna give it to him.  He hasn't spit up or complained of a tummy ache so I think he was just fussy yesterday because he was still hungry.  Today he spent a long time sleeping on my chest and I thought life was just about perfect for that hour.  How many times did I dream of having a little bundle of joy in the house to love and cuddle with?  A long time and now that he's here and such a good baby so far, its everything I thought it would be, except for the constant worry about him.  Didn't plan on that part. 

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  1. Awww, he sounds so sweet. I can't wait to see photos! So happy for you!