Friday, January 15, 2010

Hooray for DH!

I'm so happy for him. For the first time ever he had a normal count. He's never even come close and we tried everything! I don't have the report yet, I like to see it for myself so they mailed me a copy. Total count was 58mil so its low-normal but we'll take it! Motility was 39% so not great but that varies a lot for him. The bad news....morph was 0%. Our RE won't do any more IUIs for us as long as we have 0% morph. It's been as high as 2% and when they urology lab did an SA they said it was 8%. Both use the Kruger method but I think the RE lab is a little more harsh when judging them, since it is somewhat subjective. We're still super excited, for the first time ever we have shot of doing it on our own. I know I know our morph sucks and the RE says it will never work even with IUI but forget him, I'd love to prove him wrong. Miracles can happen, that fact that DH's count is normal IS a miracle. Praise God! I'm so thankful right now. I know this doesn't mean will get pg but I just can't help but have a joyful heart.

We started having little lambs on our farm this week. They are super adorable. There was a set of triplets yesterday! God has been so good to us lately. I just can't help but rejoice knowing we're on a mountaintop and fear for the valley that surely must be coming.

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