Thursday, January 28, 2010

Huge Fan of my New Herbs

First let me say that most of my luteal phases leave me with miserble PMS. Sore bbs, bad cramping, fatigue and super cranky. This usually starts in less than a week after ovulation. This month taking my Yuan Support Herbs seems to be helping a lot. The first real cramping I've felt has been today and its not as often or severe as usual. No sore bbs and only slightly cranky. I'm still really tired because I haven't been sleeping well. I keep having bad dreams and then hearing things in my sleep, then waking up and thinking it was real. Like this morning I swear I heard a window shatter but all was fine in our house. The other night I heard the dog howl but she was sleeping. Weird. But all my other usual luteal phase symptoms are nonexistent so I'm super happy about my herbs. Not that the cramps or anything are that painful but just feeling them makes me think "oh maybe I'm pg." This 2ww has gone by much faster without that little nagging reminder. My chart was looking triphasic, which I was excited about until this morning it went down. Could be due to my poor sleep, hopefully I'll get an accurate temp tomorrow. I'm hopeful for this cycle but not too hopeful. I still haven't gotten a copy of DH's SA. I don't know what can two weeks about putting it in an envelope with a stamp but oh well.

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