Friday, January 22, 2010

Weight Loss is Hard!

So far I'm down 17 lbs and that didn't come off easily! Thanks to SparkPeople I am able to closely track what I eat and we do have a gym membership, its just hard to find time to get there. Now with such a snowy winter its even more frustrating because when I have time the roads are too bad to travel the 7 miles. Last weekend with all the get togethers and eating out I stopped counting my calories. With starting my new job this week I have not only not been counting calories but also not going to the gym. If that wasn't bad enough I've made cookies twice this week now. So far it hasn't added any pounds but if I keep this up it surely will. I'm almost half way to my goal so I can't quit now! I'm hoping DH can start going to the gym with me soon and I'll get back on track.

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