Thursday, January 21, 2010


I've really been trying to open my eyes to the hand of God and His blessings lately. He is so good to us! Life is a series of mountaintops and valleys right? I keep thinking we're on a moutaintop right now because everything is going so well, surely there must be a valley coming soon. But I can't let the fear of a valley on the otherside ruin the joy of a mountaintop. I just can't spend time worrying about that because on the other side of that valley is mountain and it might be a tough climb but we'll get there, Jesus will walk with us. I just have so much joy in my heart lately that I can't help but praise God for it.

I'm still waiting for the semen analysis report so I can look it over for myself. I ovulated last weekend and we used the conception cap again. I'm not sure I placed it correctly but we'll see. I also got my herbs from the acupuncturist this week. They are Golden Flower Chinese Herbs and available only through the prescription of an herbalist. There is a differnt one for 3 phases of your cycle. I totally believe in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and although I supposedly have no infertility issues I think it will be good for me to try this for a while. Especially with DH's counts improved. I give TCM more credit than western medicine in many cases. A lot of people confuse it with religious beliefs but it is separate from that. TCM is all about the body working as an intertwined system and one thing being out of balance can cause several problems in areas western medicine assumes to be unrelated. Plus western medicine gives you drugs to correct one problem while causing another. TCM is all about harmonizing the entire system so it works properly together. We are hopeful for this cycle and know that with God all things are possible, as He clearly demonstrated with DH's SA last week!

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