Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy To Be An Auntie

Tomorrow is my niece's baptism and I'm actually excited to spend some time with her. In fact I'm a little upset there will be so many people there and I won't get to hold her the whole time. Sometimes I think people feel sorry for me and let me hold babies for a long time just cause they know I can't have my own. No thanks, I'll pass on the pity but I'll take more time with niece. As Godparents we bought her this tiny little white bible with her name on it and its just so precious. I never thought I'd be here, this place where I'm okay with the fact that we won't have kids and that I can enjoy my SIL's kids. Wow, praise the Lord for being a changer of hearts. Surely if He can change my heart, he can change anyone's heart. There is hope that someday He will change DH's family's hearts as they are not Christians nor baptized.

I've been working a lot this week and still loving my new job. Sometimes I often come home happier than when I left. I think its that whole fake it til you make it thing because I have to be nice and cheerful to customers so I think it actually becomes real happiness after a while. Plus as I've said before I am really happy and peaceful these days. God is so good to us and His grace really is sufficient. How did it take me 26 years to find such a joyful place in my heart?

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