Friday, July 2, 2010


Last night as I was getting settled in bed I heard on the radio, "God does not bring rain without greener grass."

SIL had her baby today, its harder than I thought and I haven't even been to the hospital to see them yet. Last time with her #1 I still thought we were going to eventually have our own kids. This time I know we're not and it hurts even more. My heart is breaking while at the same time I'm filled with bitterness and jealousy. Praying the Lord will help me rid myself of these evil emotions and replace them with joy and thanksgiving.

Today its raining. Hoping to see greener grass soon.

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  1. HUGS!!! And totally understand...

    The soul can't be soothed if the heartache is rinsed with tears. May God bring you peace and a joy for this new little one.