Sunday, July 4, 2010

Proud To Be An American

Happy Birthday America! All my life I always said "sure I'm proud to be an American, I guess" but I never really understood it or felt it until recently. For anyone who wants to read a good book, I strongly suggest "5000 year leap, the miracle that changed the world". It is awesome and opened my eyes to what America really was intended to be. And boy have we messed it up over time. Our founding fathers had so much insight and when you learn what good Christian men they were it will blow you away. Nothing like what we were taught in school or what culture tells us today. Discover the truth for yourselves. Our pastor gave an awesome sermon today regarding our county and how God has blessed us with our constitution and bill of rights. If only we go back and look at the original documents and back to the basics of how our government was intended to be and so many of our problems would be solved. I used to not care about politics or government but once my eyes were opened to what is going on, how can you not care about it?! If we just sit back and let corruption in Washington D.C. go on like it is, then our freedom is gone for sure. Lots of people think that can't and won't happen but if you pay attention and use a little common sense its obvious just how close we are to loosing our freedoms and way of life.

Last winter I started watching the "American Heritage Series" with David Barton. It is amazing the history we were never taught about the faith and biblical principles our country was founded on. I noticed the other day that one of those churchy channels on direct tv is playing the series right now. Check out Educate yourself, you'll be amazed what you'll find! Appreciate America for what it truly was and was intended to be, not for what it has become.

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