Monday, July 19, 2010

This Little Light of Mine......

I hope I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Have you ever known anyone that you just know has Jesus in their heart? Not by the things they do or the things they say but just because you can see their little light shining? Its such a sweet little song for kids to sing but it took me 24 years to understand. About 2 years ago I met someone and it was the first time I knew what it meant to let your light shine. She wasn't a saint and far from perfect but there was just something about her that told you she had the love of Christ in her heart. Soon after that I also found my acupuncturist and noticed it in her too. Its been a while now since I've come across anyone like that. I'm surrounded by nice people who are good people and do good things but I just haven't seen it. Since I met this friend it has become my desire to let my little light shine for everyone. I never even knew I had a little light but with this new found peace and joy, I've also found my light. You suppose you can see your own light? How do I know if mine is shining? Or if its shining bright enough?

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  1. Believe me, friend, your light isn't little and it is blazing brightly for the whole world to see. God has such a great plan for you and I am so excited to see what that is going to be as it unfolds! You are such a precious child of the King! :)