Thursday, July 1, 2010

The new WHO standards

I just had to post this for anyone else with MFI. There are new WHO standards for semen analysis out. They are now have lower levels considered normal. If they keep lowering them DH will be normal soon! This is based on studies and averages so I'm going to guess that men are generally having decreased fertility over time. Anyway this only leads me to more frustration. Even at DH's lowest point, he's still not that far from normal SO WHY CAN'T I GET PG!?! Not that I'm sure I want to, like I said earlier I just want to be able to. Okay I'm lying to myself, I would like to have a baby. There I said it, I'm trying to accept life as two but in my heart I'd still love a baby. Ask me again when I'm not PMSing and surrounded by babies being born and I may change my answer. Here's the link to Dr. Liccardi's blog if your interested in reading more about the new WHO standards.

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