Monday, October 25, 2010

Lessons From The Dog

This is Missy. She is my baby. I once heard Ken Davis on the radio talking about the difference between cats and dogs and how we should be more like dogs. This is how he says they think:

Cat: "Wow, you feed me, house me, love me, give me treats, spoil me.......I must be a god."
Dog: "Wow, you feed me, house me, love me, give me treats, spoil me......YOU must be a god."

Get the connection? We should all be more like dogs and recognize that what we have comes from our God because He is God, not because we are. Another difference is that cats do what they want, come to you if they want to and make up their own minds about things. Dogs are so loyal and obedient (at least the good ones are). How many people do you know that are like cats and only come to God on their terms, not His? I know several. In fact this weekend I was talking to someone from our church who goes to bible study and church every Sunday. He has for as long as I can remember. In fact he used to be my Sunday school teacher. He was saying terribly mean things about other people in our church and then started giving me work advice about how I really need to look out for myself and do I what I need to to get ahead. And I realized then that he might be one of those people that go to church all the time but doesn't really get it. It bothered me a lot that he was saying mean things about others even though I don't like these other people either. Then I wondered what have I become? When did it start upsetting me when someone I don't like says mean things about other people I don't like? And when did it start bothering me when someone says I need to look out for myself? That used to be me, I used to talk behind people's backs and put myself first. Suddenly I realized that's not me anymore. I don't care about looking out for myself because career advancement and money means nothing to me. God has guided me to exactly this spot in my career and I'm happy here. When its time for me to move on or ahead I'm 100% sure God will handle the details and make it happen. As for bad mouthing people, I think that started with my SIL. We have a friend who just hates her and calls sometimes only asking what the latest gossip is so he can say mean things about her. I used to fall right into that trap. Now I find it annoying and always tell him nothing is new with her because I don't want to give him any fuel for his mean remarks. I still don't agree with my SIL or like her all the time but I hate to hear people say mean things about her. No one deserves to be slandered, even if I don't like them. We are all just a bunch of sorry pitiful sinners doing the best we can to walk this rocky path in life. Some have Jesus as their guide, some only follow Him on Sundays and some are so lost they don't even realize He's right in front of them or calling them to a better path.

I have often thought about the dog and how my relationship with God should be more like that with Missy. I praise her and love her all the time, even when she doesn't do what I want her to. I will just sit down next to her and say "your such a good girl, your the best pup in the whole world, I love you so much." It just comes so natural. I don't praise God that way but maybe I should. Also I've thought about how happy she always is to see me and DH. When I come home from anywhere, even if I was only gone 5 minutes, she will jump around with her tail wagging and barking for joy that I'm home. If we only greeted other people that way, especially our spouses, what a difference it would make. Missy is always so happy to just to be with me, even if we are sitting outside reading a book, relaxing on the couch, going for a walk or ride in the car, it doesn't matter what as long as she's with me or DH she's happy to go where ever we take her. Perhaps I should focus more on rejoicing that I'm with God and just be happy to go where ever He takes me, trusting that He will protect me and provide what I need when I need it.

If you have a dog, spend a few minutes thinking about him/her and see if you find any ways that God could be trying teach you a little life lesson.

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  1. I like this post! You are so right!