Saturday, October 2, 2010

Week One Summary

Week one of my diet is complete and I managed to stay on track. I know I know a whole week big deal.....but it really is a big deal. Here's a summary of how it went.

Exercise: I logged 22.5 miles, mostly walking but with a little jogging mixed in. I know this seems like a lot but it mostly came from a 2 mile walk with the dog each morning and 30 minutes at the gym after work. In addition to that I put in 90 minutes on the elliptical trainer and 45 minutes strength training. I try to work out 5 days a week and take it easy with maybe only a short walk on the weekends.

Diet: I stayed in my calorie range of 1500-1850 every day this week except Friday night when I went 100 calories over my limit due to a spluge on 2 slices of stuffed crust pizza. Very much needed and I'd say well deserved. I met my calorie differential of 7000 and the scale showed a negative two pounds this week. It did require an extra walk on Saturday because of another splurge on puppy chow. I stayed within my calorie range but 1 cup of puppy chow has about 400 calories so I sacrificed more of the healthy stuff. Not a good idea but once and while can't hurt. I'm always amazed at how eating less actually gives me more energy. I'm sure its because I don't want to waste calories on junk that leaves me hungry so even though I eat less, I'm getting much better quality. I've also managed to get the minimum water intake of 8 cups per day. They say you should get have your weight in ounces so for me that would be about 12 cups. I'm working up to that. Drinking a lot of water takes some getting used to.

For the next week I'm setting two new goals. One is to take my multivitamin every day. I hate swallowing pills and often completely forget about it. My second goal is to spend more time reading my bible. I confess I'm terrible at that. This year in our bible study we are covering the last half of the old testament starting with Kings. We skip around and paraphrase a lot so I'm making my goal each week to keep up by reading what we skip. I'm already two weeks and about 20 chapters behind so I've got some work to do this week.

I'm hoping to stick with my weight loss plan because it is not a never ending plan. I like to think of it as short term. Lose 20 pounds in ten weeks, then maintain for 4-8 weeks while we do one or two IUI cycles. Then in February, (if I'm not pg), start with a new weight loss goal of that last 10 lbs. So this is not a long term indefinite plan, I'm 1/10th of the way there and only have 9 weeks to go. That doesn't sound so impossible, right? I can totally do this. By the way I read this great blog post about the myth of motivation. Check it out here.

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  1. Hey Jen! There is a really great resource out there for helping to study the Bible. It is a study by Matt Chandler and Josh Patterson called "How To Study The Bible". It really is incredible and quite eye opening as you learn to slow down and really read His Word. The link is:

    Again, it is called "How To Study the Bible". It's lengthy, but totally worth it. :)