Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 5 Weight Loss Update

Its week 5 of my 10 week diet and exercise challenge. I lost 7 pounds the first three weeks. Week 4 plateau and still sitting on there at the end of week 5. Its so so hard not to quit when the scale stops moving. 7 pounds was a lot for the first three weeks so I'm not surprised to have already hit a plateau. In order to break it I'm trying to lift weights more and run more intervals this week. I also read that it sometimes works to stop dieting for a week to let your body adjust and reset its metabolism. That's a tempting idea, fall off the wagon on purpose for a week? Alright that's my kind of diet! Unfortunately I don't dare try that technique because I know the wagon will keep rolling on without me and I'll never get back on! So I'm trying to focus on the fact that I feel better, my clothes fit better and I'll just keep eating right and exercising. One day last week DH and I went out and I ate a cheeseburger and curly fries. Mmmm, it was so tasty but I knew I would suffer for it. I did fit it into my calorie goal by doing more exercise that day but I was miserable. My digestive system was upset for the f0llowing day and a half. I sometimes think I have IBS because I feel totally fine when I eat healthy but when I eat a lot of fats and sugars (or when I'm nervous), I'm always running to the bathroom. Just another reason for me to eat right. So I don't know why I convince myself that I'm deprived of something by eating healthy food, obviously my body much prefers it. Even though the scale seems to be stuck, I'm really trying hard to keep going for another 5 weeks.

In fertility news.....we are not sure if we will get to do our December IUI. Right now the timing of it would fall on Christmas day and I'm not sure this new doctor would be okay with that. If it falls even a few days before Christmas I will be too busy working so everyone else gets their holiday time. However, IF I can convince my body to ovulate early the next two cycles I can move our December timing up about 4 days and it would work out perfect. Do you think I can mentally convince my ovaries to ovulate two days early? Its not asking that much, sometimes they ovulate on day 12 all by themselves. If only they will do so the next two cycles. One other thing I'm a little concerned about is this wedding we are going to be going to a week before our IUI in December. These are close friends so we've been planning with them for two years to drink heavily and party all night. My first concern is the combo of alcohol and clomid. Is that a bad combination? My second concern is DH's sperm. I know drinking can affect that but is one night really going to hurt? If necessary we will most likely be scaling down our drinking to just a few. We don't have to be drunk to have a good time. Our friends might be disappointed in us but after waiting two years for another treatment cycle, I'd hate to mess it up because of one night where we had a few too many drinks. That would be a huge waste of our money. We have also thought about skipping December and doing IUI cycles in January and February instead. We know DH has high counts from the end of Dec. through the end of Jan. but we've never tested in February or March and we know by April his counts suck again. Of course I'm hoping it will only take one IUI but if it doesn't we might be doing a second the end of February and his counts could totally crash by then. We will have to wait and see how the timing works out as it gets closer.

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  1. Hmm, I'm guessing the reason you've hit a plateau is because of starting the weights? If you keep eating well and doing weights, the pounds will continue to come off at some point.
    Don't give up! :)
    I'll have to check out that theory on taking a week off. Sounds too good to be true but I can still hope! haha :D