Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another thing I forgot about treatments

Emotional havoc, yikes stay away! In DH's defense he is just being himself but everytime he even speaks I feel annoyed. EVERYTHING is annoying me these past few days. Date night Friday was a mess. DH made me late for acupuncture and when I wouldn't tell him which road to take (out of pure stubborness but he has been there a hundred times he should be able to find it on his own), I ended up canceling and burst into tears about how why should I go to acupuncture anyway because there is no point supporting a baby that isn't there. Today somehow me going to the gym by myself this afternoon while he does some other things around the house turned into I'm such a fat pig and he doesn't love me or ever want me to be home with him, followed by more tears. Poor DH, I'm a mess and I have a whole week to go before AF shows. Double the ovulation apparently means double the PMS. Its going to be a long week. I hope DH survives.

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