Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whew....glad that's over!

My HSG was not bad at all, though I'm glad its over. The shot my RE gave me before really seemed to have helped. And he took the speculum out after he got the catheter in, which I wasn't expecting since so many girls have said it was uncomfortable moving around on the table with it in. My right side looks really good, the dye started gushing out of that right away. My left side he had hard time getting it to go through because it kept coming out the right. After I rolled on my side it did go through a little which means its open and he said I'm good but I'm still a little concerned. I need it to be an easy road for DH's little guys to travel. They have enough problems they don't need a difficult terrain to have to overcome. Hopefully my good follies will be on the right side this month for our IUI. I will see on Friday at my ultrasound and I'm praying DH will have good numbers on Sunday. I feel better knowing that everything is all clear. My RE always goes on about how beautiful my reproductive organs are. Is that weird? I told DH, the RE gets so happy about it all the time but I suppose he is used to seeing women with problems and not so beautiful reproductive organs and stellar bloodwork. My RE said today that everything is perfect with me and we just need to figure out what to do with my DH. Yep, too bad no one knows anything or understands male factor issues. But overall I had another good experience with my RE. His attitude seems different now, I guess the two year break up was good for us. But what a difference his attitude makes on my own. It actually makes me feel good about going back to his office again.

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  1. oh so good having a doctor who is positive and encouraging. hope things continue well...