Saturday, January 29, 2011

So Sad

When I was still living at home 8 years ago my brother's dog had puppies and we kept two of them. When I married DH and moved out we took Missy and my parents kept her sister Katie. Last week Katie had surgery because she ate something that got stuck in her stomach. She went home a couple days later and wasn't doing well so my mom took her back in and they had to open her back up and take some kind of wire out. But the wire had punctured her intestine, they removed part of it and thought it was fixed but it continued to leak into her system and poison her. Last night our local clinic said there was nothing else they could do and sent her to a special dog hospital in a nearby town. They don't think they can save her either because she would not survive another surgery to repair the intestines. My parents will put her to sleep tonight if there is no improvement.

We're all so sad. Katie was so much a part of our family and nothing will be the same without her. What a senseless way to loose a member of your family. No one can understand what got into her to make her eat all those strange objects, its so unlike her. Missy doesn't understand that her sister isn't coming back but its going to hurt me everytime we go to my parents house and Missy runs around looking for her. Missy and Katie have been best friends since the day they were born. My mom and I spend lots of time together taking the dogs for walks and we take them everywhere together. Nothing will be the same now. How can loosing a pet hurt so much? I practically have not stopped crying since last night. I'm thankful I still have Missy but I loved Katie too and will always miss her. Life is so cruel and unfair sometimes.

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