Friday, March 11, 2011

2ww Panic

Today I'm having my first wave of what I call the two week wait panic. What if this doesn't work?! So far I have been feeling really good physically and emotionally. Today not only I'm starting to worry this didn't work but the progesterone is catching up with me as well. I'm completely exhausted. The PIO is going suprisingly well. No sore bum, no bruises, no itchy rash.

I had some really sharp cramping a couple days earlier this week but now its back to just the usual pre-AF cramping. Nothing really different or special going on. Its a little discouraging and makes me feel like this cycle will end up like all the others before it. I know that doesn't mean anything and there is no way to know until I test. I was going to POAS Monday but the closer it gets the more afraid I get and I just might chicken out. My biggest concern though is how I will tell DH if its negative. He was perfectly happy to just move on and avoid revisting the hurt of a failed IVF. He only went along with this because he knew how much I wanted to do it. What was I thinking? I could have been happy continuing on with the way things were so that we could avoid another $10k worth of disappointment. But I'm talking myself into being negative. I need to stop and go back to thinking about this working. I need to go back to mentally planning my nursery and my life with babies. Being negative now will not do any good.


  1. Trying to post a comment here! I'm posting from my cell phone. Did you change anything?

  2. Praying those embies are snuggling in tight right now!!