Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beta Tomorrow

I'm getting up early tomorrow to get my beta drawn before work. I haven't peed on any more sticks but I still feel a negative coming. Right after the transfer I *felt* pregnant for a while. Like I just knew my little ones were in there and I felt a connection to them. That only lasted about a week. Now I don't feel pregnant at all. The hot flashes are not as bad but I am completely exhausted, not sleepy tired but just bodily tired. Besides making me so tired the PIO is becoming literally a pain in the ass. I'm getting the same itchy red bumps as I did last time. And it doesn't look good to be walking around scratching your butt all the time! Although I have no bruises this time thanks to my expert shot giver. I still have a tiny bit of hope, where it came from I don't know but I have a tiny bit of hope that my beta might be positive. But I'm afraid of low numbers and slow doubling rates like last time. I'd rather take a negative than have another miscarriage. There is no way I'll have a high number or else I would have gotten a positive HPT earlier this week. I have a long day at work tomorrow, I'm hoping if I'm mentally prepared for a negative I will be able to keep it together and not break down in tears until I get home.


  1. Praying for a strong positive beta tomorrow!!

  2. I'm sorry you got the negative home pregnancy tests. I still hope that you get a positive beta though! All the best!

  3. I'll be praying for you. I hope whatever the out come that you are able to feel God's love around you and know that he is with through your joy, or sadness.

    But, I'm going to be sending positive thoughts your way...:)