Saturday, March 5, 2011

Its Finally Over!

Embryo transfer complete. The stress of drugs and appointments is over. Now I just sit back, relax and get knocked up. I pray its that easy. Today we did a day 3 transfer of an 8A (perfect!) and an 8B (still pretty good!). Last time we transfered on day 3 an 8B and 6B, so we're doing better than last time and look how close we came last time. My RE wasn't there but I liked his fill in RE too. He assured us that our blighted ovum was likely a random event and our chances are not increased this time. I'm feeling very hopeful for this. Afterwards I said to DH, "oh crap, what if we really have a baby this time?!" It has become so much about the process that I seldom even consider the end goal. A take home still can't imagine that would actually happen to us. I've seen so many of my online friends move on to pregnancy and babies after infertility that I really feel like I'm the last one left and my time will never come. So if this is it, I'm sorry for my readers who feel left behind, I totally know the feeling. If this isn't it.....well that's just going to really suck! We are watching our remaining 3 embies for freeze. I doubt they will make it but I'm hoping. They were 6B, 6C and 4C.

I went to acupuncture last night and again after the transfer this morning. She only did 4 points today, one on each hand and one on each leg. That doesn't seem like much. I know its not necessarily the more the needles the better and I totally trust her but only four? Well what do I know? I'm suppose to be on bedrest today and tomorrow. I've been on the couch all afternoon but tonight we have to babysit my niece and nephew for a few hours. I don't think that counts as bed rest but I plan on taking it easy and making DH do all the work. Tomorrow I should be able to chill at home all day.

Beta is scheduled for March 18. That's 14dp3dt or 17dpo. I'm not suppose to cheat and take a test at home. Yeah right! If they are going to make me wait that long I'm totally gonna cheat. I'll be POAS by 9dp3dt for sure! Please pray for our two little embies, that they are snuggling in tight for the next nine months!

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