Monday, March 14, 2011


Well I POAS this morning and after a very vivid dream where I clearly got a positive, I woke up to a very negative stark white test. I'm really devasted b/c I got my BFP on this day last time. I really thought this IVF was going to work for us. I know its early and things could still turn around but I'm just not feeling too good about it right now. I'm still having occasional killer cramps and the last two days have added in such hot flashes that I can not even sleep well at night because I keep waking up sweaty. Looks like I can thank the PIO and AF for that. I only have one more FRER test and an expired test left. I think I will use the expired one tomorrow just to satisfy my urge to pee on something and save the good one for Wednesday. If its not positive on Wednesday I think its safe to say this cycle was a huge failure and not pee on anymore sticks. Please say your prayers for us. If this turns out to be a BFN we're giving up on TTC. We've spent more money than we should and we are starting to feel like we just can't make babies no matter what we do. Its a really hard thing to get used to.

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