Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giuliana & Bill

If your not up to date with this show or watch it at all, Giuliana (from E! News)and Bill (Apprentice winner) are bringing attention to infertility. They have failed IUIs and now an IVF that ended in miscarriage. Their story is very similar to ours. They thought everything was fine until their first ultrasound where they found out they lost the baby. I was 100% feeling their pain the past two episodes. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for them to put these episodes on the air for everyone to see. In last night's episode Giuliana was having lunch with a friend who got pregnant about the same time as she did and they were discussing the loss. I can't imagine the strength that must have took. I likely would have cut that friend out of my life for a while. I think its awesome that they are bringing infertility and ARTs out of the shadows. I feel bad but I honestly like it when Giuliana cries about the loss, I think people need to see how painful it really is to lose a baby in that situation. There is only one thing about infertility that they aren't bringing to the spotlight. That's the financial hardship it puts most of us in. Obviously if they chose to they could do ARTs until they get a baby but for most of us the money factor puts an end to our dreams.

Speaking of that.....one week from today I'm going to call my new doctor and ask if there are any tests he wants to do before our IUI cycle. On one hand I'd like to have him redo some of the bloodwork to make sure everything is okay on my end, its been 4 years since I've had any tests. But on the other hand I'd really like to not pay for all the testing to be redone. If he thinks everything is okay, then I'm fine with that except for my progesterone. I'd really like to have it tested on a natural cycle. The only time my old RE ever checked it was when I was on clomid. Since sometimes my LP is short and last month I spotted for 2 1/2 days before AF, I'd feel better knowing its okay. AF is due towards the end of next week and then its hopefully only one more cycle til our IUI.

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