Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grrr to you RE!

Ugh! This RE makes me so mad! I finally called today and they said since they haven't seen me since May of 2009 they consider me a new patient and I have to wait a month to get an appointment. I insisted there was nothing new to talk about so a new patient office visit isn't necessary but they wouldn't listen. They probably just want to make me come in so they can essentially start over, make me redo all my tests and make DH have another SA. You know, weasel more money out of me. And then they will say they don't recommend IUI and we should really do IVF. I don't want to go have an office visit with Dr. Idiot. He will only say the same things he always says to me. There will be nothing new. So it looks like we won't be doing an IUI until January now. I guess I shouldn't have procrastinated so long in calling them. I so hate this RE and wish we had different options. Unfortunately he is the only one within a 4 hour drive. This makes me so mad, I really truly hate dealing with this clinic.

So I guess we have a new plan for December. We've never tried this method for fertility but it seems to work for everyone else. Since I will be ovulating around the time of our best couple friends' wedding, the new plan is to get totally smashed at the wedding, then go home and have sloppy drunken sex. Come on, it works for everyone else, right!?


  1. Hi Jen, here from ICLW. Sorry that the RE is being so nasty. They really do want to drain money out of us, even though we need a break inbetween all these fertility treatments.. sigh..
    Good luck with the drunken sex. You never know it may work.

  2. Hi, I'm here from the ICLW list. Your RE sounds awful! Mine has been calling me pretty frequently over the past few months, and I've been ignoring them (we're waiting while we decide whether or not to do IVF). Maybe I should call back just so they don't take me off the patient list!

    Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope your plan for your friends' wedding is fun and successful.